5 minute video on Reimagining Sicily

Welcome to Mark Spano Communications, Inc.

Mark Spano is presently developing a
live-to-tape concert program on Carolina
Beach Music called Shag-o-rama. He is
also seeking funding for a feature
documentary entitled Reimagining Sicily.
A similar project is in development on the
Catalan region of Spain. The Company is
also providing consultation on
fundraising, marketing, capacity building
and economic development for four
organizations in the Southeast United

Mark K. Spano, the president of Mark Spano Communications, Inc., is a results-oriented television and film producer, marketing communications expert and fundraiser. Mark has a proven ability and thorough understanding of executive management in both nonprofit private sectors.

He possesses effective leadership skills with the ability to build strong working relationships with peoples of all backgrounds while motivating staff, volunteers, customers and other external constituencies. He has demonstrated an ability to develop innovative partnerships with businesses, media, community organizations and nonprofits resulting in measurable results.

Mark has a track record of effective budgeting, program planning and implementation. He is proficient in the creation and implementation of marketing and communications strategies with expertise in media production management.

Mark holds two advanced degrees an MBA from Marymount University of Virginia, Arlington, VA and an MA from The American University, Washington, DC. He holds dual US/Italian Citizenship.