Watch the New Trailer for Reimagining Sicily and Tell Us What You Think


Sicily 2x4 banner smallTake a look at our new trailer. Let us know what you think. Prospective broadcasters of the film want to know if you are interested in Sicily. They need to hear about the importance of films like this one, films that represent Sicily as it is. Help us out at this important stage in the project. There is a discussion group at the link to the trailer. Your words of support will move the film to the next stage. Thanks so much, Mark Spano

Watch Trailer

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There Are More Things in Heaven and Earth Than Are Dreamt of in Aristotle’s Poetics


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by Mark Spano

The production of spectacular effects depends more on the art of the stage machinist than on that of the poet.

                                     ― Aristotle’Poetics

We once had writers of what was called “local color.” Some of my favorite writers from France, Great Britain, the American South, the American West, Appalachia and New England have written from a passion for place. Continue reading